A computer monitor that has a ring going around it ending in a arrow, on the sides of the ring are smaller arrows going in opposite directions of each other with arrows ending them off. Written on the screen is OTG and text under the monitor saying ON THE GO and below that is text saying Technology


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Welcome to my website.
This website will probably be a work in progress for a long time.
Because it is just me working on the website.
Before, the most significant thing was finding inspiration/getting suggestions for the home page.
That is still true but also not.
Now it is primarily down to implementing and testing other things.
And finishing some projects is more extensive than expected, so it will take longer than I planned.
I still need to find out what content actually to put.
But I have a general idea.

This page might have a section with all projects.
Eventually, I might make a separate page.
Or I will continue having my projects listed as a blog when I write about them.
So far featuring some blogs is working.